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Hydrogen 0.9.6 released

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For those of you that are not subscribed to the development mailing list, here you can find the official release message as posted by Sebastian (aka Mauser) on August 4th



Hi everyone,


i'm happy to announce the final release of Hydrogen 0.9.6. I'm pretty sure that most of the users are already working with a 0.9.6-beta version, but here again is a small list of the most important changes in 0.9.6:

         * new build system (cmake)

         * add undo for song/pattern editor

         * jack-session support

         * jack-midi support

         * several bug fixes

         * tabbed interface

         * several small changes to the GUI

         * improve ExportSong add use of TimeLineBPM,

           RubberbandBatch processor and different types of resample interpolation


The release can be downloaded via github:


At this time, this is a linux-only release. Installers for Windows / OSX may follow in the future.


Big thanks to all those wonderful people who made this release happen and who are keeping this project alive!


Best regards,





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Hydrogen keeps crashing on

Hydrogen keeps crashing on me. The message displays: "Hydrogen.exe has stopped working--- A problem caused the program to stop working corectly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available" This is EXTREMELY frustrating, as I have encountered it SEVERAL times. It happens when I am listening back to the beats I am making. I am not doing anything that should over load the program or cause this type of error. I am using a pretty much brand new computer with a good sound card, and an i5 core, this should not be an issue. I have experienced this so many times i am about to stop using it. I was tempted to "buy you guys some beer" but after this i think not. I have lost time and work that i put into this countless times now. I posted that this was a problem once already, it did not get fixed nor did my post even so much as get a response. I am thoughroly disapointed now. 

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Hi, I'm a mac user and recently upgraded to a new MacBook Pro running OSX 10.10.  I've been using Hydrogen for the last several months and I've loved it, you've done a great job with this.  I'm running Hydrogen 0.9.6-beta1 now and I know there's a beta3 version, but I'm not at all experienced with altering source code yet.

I hope there's an OSX installer for 0.9.6 soon!


Thanks, you guys rock,


I am having some difficulty

I am having some difficulty installing the updated version onto ubuntu 14.04

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hi, can you provide some


can you provide some details about the problems you have ?