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Licence for Indie developer

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I am an Indie game developer, and i would like to know if i can use Hydrogen to make music for my games. I charge the web owners for my game and they post it for free on their site (i think this is how it works). Can i use this or do i need to buy some kind of licence for Hydrogen?

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Hydrogen (as well as the drumkits which are delivered with it) is open source software. You do not have to buy any kind of license if you want to make songs with it and publish your songs.

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Olá!,primeiro, eu gostaria de parabenizar a todos o criadores do Hydrogen, e depois gostarria de saber se eu, criando videos para o youtube e monetizando-os, isto é, ganhando algum dineiro com isto, eu teria que pagar alguma taxa, ou mesmo,eu precisaria ter uma licença para usar o softwear na nos vídeos?!?... Obrigado, aguardo resposta.

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Hi @zezzo.

Whether or not you have to pay tax depends on your country.

For your second question, you already have a licence for Hydrogen and it's GPL. That means (amongst other things) that you do not have to pay royaltee fees to Hydrogen for using it for your video making work. That said, if you want to contribute back to Hydrogen (contributing drumkit, code, or money), it is welcome. See .