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Hydrogen 0.9.7 released

Hi everyone,

i'm happy to announce the release of Hydrogen 0.9.7.

Among tons of bug fixes and smaller improvements the following new
features are included:

- The color of the SongEditors squares is now configurable
- Added support for midi cymbal choking
- Added support for midi hihat pressure control
- Added hihat pressure groups
- Added basic non session manager support
- Added instrument components
- Basic lilypond export
- New windows cross compilation script
- Support for soundlibrary images
- Configurable sample selection algorithm
- Support for soundlibraries with images
- New midi action:

The sourcecode can be found on github, a windows installer is available on sourceforge.

The next Hydrogen version will be Hydrogen 1.0. Besides other features, it will include the support of QT5, OSC support and the possibility to use a stereo-playback track to make songwriting in non-modular environments easier. In addiion, we will try to improve the GUI a bit..

Happy Drumming!


What about sending midi clock ?

Hi everyone,


is it possible to send a midi clock from H2 to my guitar midi looper BOOMERANG ?






No, Hydrogen does not support

No, Hydrogen does not support the use of midi clock signals, neither on the receiving side nor as a sender of midi clock signals.

midi sync

I wonder why H2 can't send a midi clock. I so do like hydrogen. I'd like so much to make my H2 drum to send just a midi clock to sync my Boomerang looper. It will be so to me nice to play alive with both...


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under Linux + Jack you can

under Linux + Jack you can set H2 as jack transport master and use the jack_midi_clock utility to send midi clock data


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works perfect on windows

works perfect on windows 10...THX!

Congrats all

Congrats to everyone involved in this release.

I've been building it for my LibraZiK project and I have to say that it works as expected.