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Create Sound library from existing folder to Hydrogen Library

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Joined: 01/10/2017

Created an app to convert any folder with audio file to a hydrogen library, basically the app creates a copy of the folder you choose and creates a drumkit.xml with audio entries from your folder. For now you would have to copy this library to .hydrogen/data/drumkits/

You can find it on GitHub here including with details of how it works; the source and the executable.

I created this because I wanted to easyliy import sound samples from other tools I've been using. I hope you enjoy it.

Joined: 01/24/2017

This is excellent -- I was looking for a tool that did exactly this as I'm just getting setup with Hydrogen and noticed it's a larger pain than should be to start mapping out kits.

Joined: 08/28/2016


I post here since it seems quite issues are not solvable in Hydrogen.

I was trying to build a drumkit but there is no way to have a .h2drum file or whatever is the name.

I downloaded you application, tried it, but it doesn't lead you anywhere, since in the folder there only are waf files and the infamous drumkit.xml that is not even seen by Hydrogen wheny ou try to import it.

How the hell is possible to import a .xml file? Or is there a way to have a damn .drumkit file to import?

This really drives people nuts.