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Trying to play drums on a TD-4 KX-2 with Hydrogen

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Joined: 01/31/2017

Hi there fellow hydrogeners,

I've been using this program for a while, i'd like to compliment all the developers and community for this awesome effort, that it is this program! Thank you so much!

I've always used Hydrogen with a USB/MIDI keyboard.
But recently i've bought an e-kit, Roland TD-4 KX-2. It worked out of the box, really.
After arranging the samples to the order necessary (in order to match the e-kit's), I found a problem I can't find a solution.

It works perfectly if you hit one trigger pad at a time.
But if you try to hit more than one at the same time, the output won't play all the notes, some are eaten.
And also, the mapping isn't working properly, when you hit the hi-hat (opened or closed) sometimes it will output the kick (?!), even though the kick its mapped differently.

I kinda a found a solution for my e-kit using Wine, paid programs... People seem to have found a solution.
But I'd rather make it work on Hydrogen since I already have created and tweaked (a lot) a drumkit, and also
feel more comfortable using a native and non-paid program for this.

If there's, somehow a solution for this within Hydrogen, can someone throw a link or something? Thanks!!

Thank you for your attention!

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Please try to increase the Polyphony setting in Hydrogen's preferences. This setting provides an upper limit on the number of notes our sampler can process at the same time step. Does this setting help you?

About the mapping: Hydrogen just uses the instrument position for the mapping (or in 0.9.7 the midi output note, if you enable the corresponding option in the preferences dialog). It seems that somehow your midi drumkit is sending a note on message with this note number of your bass drum when you're hitting you're hi hat.

Maybe it would help (for both problems) if you record the midi notes which you reveive from your drumkit first with a midi program. Then, connect your midi program to hydrogen and play the file. Maybe you can then send us the recorded midi file if the problems still occur. I can then have a look at the file and see which notes/midi commands are giving you trouble.