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exporting only half of kit

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Joined: 02/15/2017

Hey, first off just want to say im loving this program. very nice interface and easy for beginners and experienced muscians alike but i have encountered an annoying problem. I want to export each instrumet as a seperate audio track so i can edit each part of the kit by itself (using cubase 9). It works fine for 5 parts of the kit but leaves the rest of the kit out so i can only get half of the kit on cubase.

my bass drum, snare, open hihat and a single tom all export as audio fine but the rest are nowhere to be found.

is this a bug anyone else is encountering?


any fixes out there?

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I'm currently working on a fix for the problem. I rewrote most of the current export functionality. It would be great if you could test my version:

There is also a github issue here: