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Hydrogen + Jack + Windows

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Can somebody confirm that hydrogen-0.9.7 (latest version) does work with Jack-1.9.10 (also latest version) on any version of windows?

The only 2 combinations I get to work are:


1. Hydrogen-0.9.6-alpha1 (21-02-2011) with the version of jack that comes with it

2. Hydrogen-0.9.6-alpha1 (21-02-2011) with Jack-1.9.10 -> here hydrogen's libjack.dll needs to be removed or renamed.


I've tried every newer version of hydrogen, without succes... I tried both Windows 7 and Windows 10 as OS. Same results... 




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I can confirm that Hydrogen does NOT work with Jack 1.9.10.

I posted a new issue at :

Mauser seems to have noticed it, and related it as a "bug Windows"

So, we have to wait for the next build !! ;-(

Have a better day.


Meneer Jansen
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@Zatalian: Thank you! I was pulling my hairs out trying to solve this. Installing and confiuring Jack Audio on Windows (asio etc.) was complicated enough! Now with the old version of Hydrogen it does not crash om Jack. But I've gor 2 probelems:

1. The sound is garbled if I use Jack as driver.

2. I still cannot start Hydrogen from Midi, let alone synch the Midi clocks for my synth and Hydrogen to have the same BPM.


By the way, all this works just fine on my Linux computer.