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Error on Startup in Win 10

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Joined: 04/03/2017

If I could get some assistance with this error:

I was able to use it a couple of times, loaded a new kit I believe, and now this happens everytime I open it.  I tried to uninstall and reinstall, same issue.

Thanks for any assistance...

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I have the same issue, the Windows Event Tracker was able to locate libportaudio-2.dll as the source of the problem. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to replace/fix it. Using a downloaded substitute simply led to hydrogen not even showing the splash screen, so I suppose it needs to be specific version.

EDIT: Using the same DLL from LMMS (which works fine) does not work either.

Another EDIT; For anyone willing to help, here is the Error Report from Event Tracker (partially translated for better understanding).

Name of application: hydrogen.exe, Version:, Timestamp: 0x5aabb32f
Name of erring module: libportaudio-2.dll, Version:, Timestamp: 0x588db2e4
Exception code: 0x40000015
Erroroffset: 0x000000000001f282
ID of erring process: 0xda8
Time of start of erring application: 0x01d3c068a58a1745
Path of erring application: C:\Program Files\Hydrogen\hydrogen.exe
Poth of erring module: C:\Program Files\Hydrogen\libportaudio-2.dll
Report ID: e513b62a-2c5b-11e8-96ff-001d7d02e747

I should probably mention I run on Windows 7 64-Bit, Intel processor. Alls Visual C++ Libraries have recently been re-installed.

EDIT Again(sorry): After some testing I have noticed that the error only occurs in Versions above 0.9.6, at least for me. Maybe a problem with 64-Bit OS (which I have)? So far, I can only recommend using Version 0.9.6 if you run into this error.

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Hello there,

Hydrogen 1.0.0-Beta 1 was released which may fix some of your problems. There's a 32 bit, and a 64 bit version now as well.

In your case, I would manually go into control panel and uninstall all the versions of hydrogen that are listed in your add/remove programs. Once you remove the old version(s), I would navigate to the install path, and if there is still a folder there, delete the folder and files (after making sure that there is nothing custom in there (custom being drumkits, songs, etc.)