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Hi-hat group

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Joined: 04/28/2017

Hi Guys,

First of all thank you for this amazing software.
I have an electronic drum kit with mesh drum heads an I was upset with the sounds in the module.
I just bought a second-hand Alesis trigger I/O interface, plug it on my Linux laptop and now, using Hydrogen I have all controll over the sounds and it's amazing.
Actually, I did use hydrogen in a live performance with my eDrum kit. 

For now, I'm trying to have a more realistic hi-hat sound with choke, etc.

I've seen this post

This is what I want but it is using an external software and I'm trying to avoid this using just Hydrogen to have the continuous hi-hat.

I found this info about HH goups:

My question is can I use HH goup to have the continus (closed, 1/4 open, 2/4 open, 3/4 open, open) HH sound in hydrogen?
How can I do that?
Could you please give me more information?
Also, could you please clarify the explanation on this ?

Thank you.