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Creating a drum kit

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I'm creating a drumkit, a library, following the manual, but I have some issues with it.

I have a folder on my desktop with severl wav files. From within H2, as per the manual, I deleted all the instruments and added new instruments for my kit.

There are, let's say, 10 instruments. I changed a little the names of the wav files to adapt them to the kit.

The first time I exported the library without saving the pattern. The problem is the exporting window there only are two rows, the first with the path, the second with the name of a library already existing. And it cannot be modified.

The second time I exported the pattern and I have now in .hydrogen/data/patterns but when I started H2 again and tried to load the pattern, nothing has happened. It does not load it.

What am I missing? Or doing wrongly?

I'm on Linux Ubuntu

Thank you for any help

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What Hydrogen version are you running?