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A few problems I've had

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Joined: 07/12/2017

Hi, I installed that latest version just a few days ago on Win7 x64. Just wanted to let the developers know about a few issues I've encountered:

I loaded in an unfinished project which I started a few years back. Finished it, and exported to wav, using the "export each instrument" option.  The instrument at the bottom of my panel failed to export. (Tried several times). Eventually, I solved this by creating a new instrument, positioned it at the bottom, and used it just once (as part of the final 'crash' at the end of my song). Exported all instruments again and this time, the new one didn't export (which didn't matter). But still, it's a bug?

Also, when exporting all as a single track, the resulting wav had some malfunction near the end - not sure what, but it manifested as clipping/distortion.

Also, just wanted to check: is this a bug or the way it's meant to be? - When trying to create a double-hit on the snare, I set the time resolution to "off" and created the first hit just a little bit in front of the main one - but I found I was still limited to an invisible "grid", four places inside each of the smallest gridlines, if that makes sense. I couldn't place it absolutely ANYWHERE. Also, whilst I realise that you can set mute GROUPS of instruments, I couldn't set a single instrument to mute it's own last hit (which is what you would want when doing a double-snare hit).

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About the export issues: I've rewritten most of the interna of the export dialog in the last months. You can try the current a build of the latest hydrogen development version (1.0-alpha) if you want to. It is interesting for me if there are still things which go wrong...

About the pattern resolution: Yes, there is a "minimal resolution". If you open your h2song file with a text editor, you can see that there are note elements in patterns which have a position attribute. If the positions of your notes are for example 44, 45, 46, then those three notes are already spaced together as hardly as possible.