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Using PPA's


>> Before adding the KXStudio PPA to your software sources please read this information carefully <<


About the KXStudio Hydrogen PPA 

  • the KXSstudio PPA currently supports Ubuntu Natty, Maverick, Lucid and of course the derivatives (like Linux Mint)
  • Oneric users dont need to install this PPA since the 0.9.5 is already available in the Ubuntu repositories
  • a PPA is not an official repository.  This means that the Ubuntu guys do not check if the apps in it are reliable, so as usual : install at your own risk.

This said, the KXStudio-team/hydrogen PPA was created especially for Hydrogen (kudos to Filipe form the KXStudio team !) so Ubuntu users can easily install it.  There are 2 Hydrogen versions available in this PPA:

  • 'hydrogen' : The stable 0.9.5 versions that has been checked and approved by the Hydrogen team. 
  • 'hydrogen-svn' : The unstable svn snapshots, that can contain bugs and therefore are not recommended unless you want to help with testing or are just curious by nature ;-)  It is possible that songs/playlists/config files opened in 0.9.6 will not be usable any more in 0.9.5 > backup your files before testing !!!  Report bugs here or post it on the forum

Getting Hydrogen (stable) : recommended way of working

1) Add the PPA

First you will need to add the PPA to the software sources list.  To do so goto the KXStudio Hydrogen PPA page, scroll down to the 'Adding this PPA to your system' and click the 'Read about installing' link. This will show you what to do.  Make sure you follow the procedure that is applicable for your version of Ubuntu

2) Install Hydrogen

if you already have a previous version of Hydrogen installed : 

Open Update Manager and click the Check button to force Update Manager to check for updates.  Then scroll down in the list of updates until you find Hydrogen (it should be listed under 'Other updates (LP-PPA KXStudio team hydrogen)'.  Right-click on the list and select 'Unselect all'.  Now select Hydrogen and hit the 'Install Updates' button.

Note : of course you can also use Synaptic for the upgrade

if you don't have any version of Hydrogen installed (or you want to install the unstable svn version) :

Open Software Center and you should see 'Hydrogen' listed in the left pane under 'Get software'.  Click on this PPA and you will see all the available apps in the right pane.  Now simply click the install button for the Hydrogen version you want to install : 'hydrogen' (the 0.9.5 stable version) or 'hydrogen-svn' (the unstable svn snapshot)

Note : you cannot install the stable and the svn version at the same time 

3) Done, now what ?

You have installed Hydrogen from the PPA : congratulations :-)

If you don't need anything else from the PPA and you want to make sure that you dont install anything by accident (manually or via Update Manager) you can disable the PPA.  Open Software Manager, goto Edit > Software Sources > 'Other Software' Tab > uncheck the KXStudio PPA.  Close the window and Software centre will update the source list.  Now you wont be able to install anything from that PPA any more.


When things go wrong

If anything should go wrong you can use the ppa-purge utility to remove all installed packages from a specific PPA.  the ppa-purge utility should be available in the repositories for Ubuntu 10.10 and up.  For 10.04 (Lucid) you can get an installer here.


   $sudo ppa-purge ppa:kxstudio-team/hydrogen

will remove all packages that have been installed from that PPA
Note that you might need to reconfigure some config files that have been updated during the install of the apps.