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Creating MIDI files from .h2song files

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My Name is Rainer and I'm a Drummer and a Composer using my own created GNU/Linux Operating System. Usually I'm using Qtractor, Hydrogen and ZynAddSubFX as my main setup to compose Music.

I'm also a hobbyist in Software Development for many years.

A short time ago I'd created a small program to convert plain text like e.g. 'Hello Hydrogen Users' into a Hydrogen .h2song file, using Hydrogen afterwards to export the Hydrogen Song as MIDI file.

So, here's my issue: since this is a little uncomfortable I'm asking for a solution (maybe a small binary), a program where I can send the .h2song file to and it returns a .mid file to me, created from the .h2song file without to run and use Hydrogen itself. Could be a command line binary, no need to have a GUI.


Is there anything like this?

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There's two command line programs. h2cli and h2player. I don't think you can export to midi from any of them although you should be able to setup a lash-server that actually directs the midi from h2cli to another program, that saves it. Could be as simple as "arecordmidi"

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@began: maybe you were wanting to mean a "jack-server" rather a "lash-server", isn't it?