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Sorry, but I simply can't get Effects to work - and I just need a little reverb...!

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Hi all, I am sure that this question has been answered before, but the information in e.g. kinda goes over my head, and the info in does not help (I guees that this specific info is outdated). 

I have spent a few hours in forum posts and the manual, but well...I am simply a not-too-technical guy, who loves Hydrogen for the pattern editor, the song modes and everything - and who just need a bit of reverb on a tambourine and a floor tom.

I have downloaded and installed (I guess...?) LADSPA plugins from, and in my C/programs(x86)/Hydrogen/plugins I can se an empty folder ("ladspaplugs") and a folder w. 97 items (Plug-Ins).

The manual tells me that I can see the effects, if I select the FX button in the mixer, but I don't have that button, and the four possible effects are just cisible all the time. The Edit button under each effect does nothing. mentions the LADSPA_PATH. I have no idea what that is, and can't find where to set it.

I run v0.9.7 on Win10.

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This is a known issue.


Refer to Developer Zone  Bug Tracker  ....

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Please Anders, do not double-post but prefer to bump this one if needed.

Double-posting is, on the internet, usually a wrong/bad way of getting people attention, especially from benevolents, and it doesn't work most of the time. Plus it uses benevolent resources (my time in this case) to answer like I'm doing here, and to remove the other post. While doing that (as a moderator), it's a piece of time that I can't put in another more productive way to help someone.

Thanks you for your understanding in that and please, don't feel guilty, but keep it in mind for the next time.