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Hydrogen Poll has been closed. The results are available ... so what do we do next ?

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First of all : your top 3 :


1) better quality drumkits

2) general bugfixing : better jack transport / improved stability

3) OSX port


Thank you all for your feedback, it is much appreciated !

We will try to use it as a guide for future Hydrogen development as much as possible.


As a direct result of the poll results we would like to propose the following actions :


1) Better drum kits

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to contribute a drumkit :

- update the manual so the creation of new drumkits is described in more detail (or create a separate howto video)

- import multiple sounds at once : a couple of weeks ago a H2 user that goes by the name of 'freqrush' posted a little script (see this post) that allows you to create a drumkit from a number of samples in a directory. Really nice tool, maybe it should be integrated into H2 ?


2a) Short term bugfixing

We are currently cleaning up as many bugs as possible (including some jack transport issues) and we will be releasing a first beta in the near future. Once the beta is available we will need your help to test it and report bugs, so stay tuned !


2b) Long term bugfixing/coding

The first baby steps have been taken to add doxygen compliant comment to the code. Once all the code has been commented we can make a doxygen API, but dont hold your breath, this is going to take time and it is an ongoing effort.

Call to all H2 coders : when you check in code, please add comment to it right away. If you have some time to spare, add comment to your existing code.

The ultimate goal is to make it easier for anyone to dive into the code. This will -hopefully- attract more coders.

People that want to help right now are of course welcome! Subscribe to the development mailing list, get the code and start hacking. Post your questions on the forum or mailing list. (just keep in mind that you might have to wait for answers to your questions a bit longer since we are putting most of our energy into fixing the open bugs)


3) OSX support

It has been a while since the last OSX installer was released. The reason being that it is hard to build Hydrogen for OSX.

We are looking at the options, but all help is _very_ welcome here.

So if you have any experience with this : step forward ! we want you ! ;-)



Feedback is welcome !


Best regards

The Hydrogen team