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Drum Kit Contest 2012

spring drum contest 2012

Hydrogen Spring Drum Kit Contest




So you want to participate in the contest ?  You're good at recording drums and/or playing with samples ?  Then you have come to the right place :-)

Welcome, and good luck !  But before you begin there are some important things you need to know :


How do I participate in this contest ?

  1. create a brand new drum kit *, using whatever sounds you record and/or samples you can get your hands on (please respect the copy rights!)
  2. create a 30 second song in Hydrogen that shows off your drum kit (you may use all hydrogen bells and whistles in this song, but NO external apps) **
  3. upload your work to a cloud storage provider of your choice (Dropbox, Ubuntu one ...) and mail a link to together with your name + any extra info about the kit that you want to share
  4. wait  :-)
  5. win and become famous!

So we need 3 files from you: the drumkit (.h2drumkit file), your demo song in audio format (wav, aiff, ogg, mp3 ...) and in .h2song format

* for more info on creating drumkits check out this chapter of the manual

** your song will be the first thing that the jury will listen to so make sure it rocks!

When is it ?

The contest starts March 19 2012 and closes June 15 2012 (closing date may vary, but this will be posted on the site / mailing list)  This gives you about 3 months to create your drum kit(s)

Once the contest closes the jury will need approx 2 weeks to do their thing, so the winner will be announced by the end of June.

UPDATE (june 6) : closing date has been moved to June 29, winners will be announced end of Juli

What can I win ?

On top of eternal fame and glory you can also win a custom-made Hydrogen d-drum or this brand new Hydrogen T-shirt  !


First prize: Hydrogen d-drum (in making) is a custom made compact USB MIDI device with 8 integrated pads + connections for 8 external pads (drumbody manual)


Second prize: Hydrogen T-shirt : (front / rear)



Who will select the best drum kit, and based on what ?

We are proud to say that the following people have agreed to be part of the jury (in alphabetical order):

  • Alessandro Cominu (aka Comix) : the founder of Hydrogen, currently focusing on making games
  • Emiliano Grilli (aka Emillo) : creator of the multi layered Millo drum kits and audio lover
  • Giorgio Baù (aka Audiophilo) : owner of Linux-based recording studio T.rex

(no we did not specifically recruit Italian's, but since it turned out that way you can consider it an ode to Hydrogen's origin ;-)

The drum kits will be anonymously judged upon these criteria : 

  • Musicality
  • Originality
  • Tech skill (how clean are your samples, is your kit multi-layered ...)

The individual scores of the jury will be added up and based on that total score the winner will be elected.


How about my opinion ?

After the 'pro' contest closes, all the drum kits + demo songs will be made available on the site and we will create a public poll** to elect the public prize.  The winner of this poll will also receive a hydrogen T-shirt.

This poll will be open for 2 weeks (the exact time will be announced asap)

** the poll is available only to people that are registered on the site (1 vote/user, registration on the site is free)


I'm not very good at making drum kits (or I don't feel like creating drum kits) but I'm very, very interested in new drum kits, can I still enter the contest, or can I help somehow ?

  • spread the word!
  • maybe you do know how to mic and record your real drum kit, but you don't know how to clean up the recording and make a Hydrogen drum kit out of it ?  I'm sure you'll be able to find another Hydrogen users who loves doing the 2nd half of the job!  Just post your message on the forum !  Joint ventures are allowed (but you will have to cut your T-shirt in half if you win  ;-)


Does it really have to be a drum kit ?

NO!  Please use your imagination!  Does your car sound really great when slamming the door?  Do your pots and pans sound like a hihat or crash?  Record these sounds and compose your own custom drum kit !  The sky is the limit 

However, if you do record a drumkit make sure you arrange your instruments according to the GM midi mapping (H2 instrument 1 = note 35 'Accoustic Bass Drum')


What happens to the drum kits once this contest is over ?

All submitted drum kits (and the demo songs) will be made available on the site and the best drum kits will be made available via Import library > Internet tab

When you submit a drumkit, think about the license you want to release it under (some inspiration can be found here) but keep in mind that if you choose a non commercial license this will limit the usage of your drumkt.


Current status : 9 drumkits submitted (by 5 users)





By sending in a drum kit you are entering the contest and automatically agree to the conditions mentioned on this page. Only new drum kits are allowed to compete.  It is allowed to submit more than one drum kit per participant, but you can only win once. Copies of existing drum kits will be disqualified.  The Hydrogen team may decide at any time to disqualify any drum kit if there is any indication of copying, cheating, or sounding really, really bad ;-).  By sending in a drum kit you agree that it will be made available to all Hydrogen users and that you will not receive any form of payment for it.  Decision of the jury and end scores of the public poll are final.  If the winner of the public poll is the same as the winner of the  'pro' contest the runner-up will receive the prize.

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