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Hydrogen Spring Drum Kit Contest launches today !

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Some time ago there was a small poll on the Hydrogen site asking the Hydrogen users (aka 'you' ;-) what feature you wanted more than anything else.

Your answer was clear : "more and better drum kits".

We promised to do something about this, and here it is : the 'Hydrogen Spring Drum Kit Contest'

The goal of this fun contest is simple: with your help we hope to expand Hydrogen's sound library with some great new drum kits.

And since this is a contest there are some really neat prizes to win!

Interested ?  Click here for more info



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GM compliant drumkit

There has been some commotion on the mailing lists a couple of days ago about 'GM mapping', especially when we found out that Hydrogen's 'GM kit' is not GM compliant  :-(

The instrument mapping table has been updated but but still needs to be uploaded to the online manual.

I have created a GM compliant drumkit template that can help you to create a compliant kit.  You can get it here

WARNING: this drumkit can speak, so be prepared when you try it out !

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Hello! i have a question, if i send a drumkit :P actually a guitar hahah, can i still post a link for it on the forum?,
iĺ probably be sending 3 drumkits next week :D (if i manage to upload everything right :P)

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dont post just yet !

hi lolo

Please wait to post a link on the forum !

Once the 'official' drumkit contest closes there is still the public contest.  If you post your drumkit on the forum you wont be able to participate in the public contest any more, so dont post anything yet, we will do it for you  :-)

keep an eye on the site for more info and good luck with the contest !




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i´m going to delay the upload though, because i encountered some problems with the instrument names >.<, and jajajja i didnt notice that i have to send a song also so... :P i have to make that first.... greetings!, thank you for your kindness!

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everything sended

:) finally i have manage to upload all the drumkits, 5 in total but 4 in escence :)

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For people that want to sample an existing MIDI controlled drum machine (hardware or software) there is Synthclone

This great tool lets you automate the sampling process and it supports multilayering !

Less work, more play ;-)


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createH2kit script

Hi All

To make it as easy as possible to create a drumkit i have written a python script that helps you with this (inspired by the perl script by Freqrush)

It creates a Hydrogen drumkit file starting from a number of sample files (wav/flac), so no more one-by-one importing your samples  :-)

It supports multi-layered kits and allows you to determine the position of each instrument in your drumkit. It even auto-sets the velocity range per layer.

The script + more info can be found here.


Enjoy !

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V2 available

script V2 is available here 

'espeak generator' has been added  :-)