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Hydrogen Spring Drumkit Contest CLOSED

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Hi all, we just officially closed the Drumkit Contest !

We received 10 drumkits, and some of them are ... euh … let's say 'surprising' ;-)

For those that submitted a drumkit : good luck !

For those of you that didn't have enough time to finish your drumkit : maybe next year there will be a second edition, who knows ...

Now it's up to the jury to do their thing.  They will be evaluating the musicality, originality and the tech side of the drumkits.  Once all the scores are in we will announce the winners (should be before the end of July)


I am so sad to know that the

I am so sad to know that the drumkit contest is closed. I am just 2 days away from this contest. Well, better luck next time for me. -

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any news yet?

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almost ready!

just waiting for some final results from the jury to come in ...

should be very soon now (sorry for the long wait!)