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Midi import

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One of the things for request would be the ability to input both midi drum patterns and midi song drum grooves in to change the patterns.  This would be of great advantage because then you can change the pattern and/or song groove and export it back to a midi device.  It also has many other advantages too as you can then export the input, the pattern/song back into your DAW etc.. This would make H2 a software must for musicians.


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I have to agree. I have 516 GM Midi drum patterns I created a year ago for my OIM Studio project, where I created 7 Kits for Session Drummer 2 out of Free Samples.

I would not mind sharing the files, but I would rather not enter them in by hand, since the originals were played in using a cheap Midi drum kit.

Is there any way to get a bog standered way to import and use regular everyday GM Drum Midi files?

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I also have a lot of GM drums midi files, it would be so nice to import them in Hydrogen !

Hydrogen could also better speak with my DAW.

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I agree, I'd love to open midi drums files in Hydrogen.

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ho yes! i'd love that too!!!

ive spend last day searching for an opensource drummachine that can help me practice my bass home,
apparently "one that can do more can [not always] do less"...

got plenty midi patterns i could use as presets to quickly access different styles work
but im unable to find something to play them in loop simply (timidy breaks rythm at repeats)

found a py script called midi2hydrogen but it's quite old now and doesn't seem to work properly
(events are queued as close from each other as can be, not respecting the beat...)

so i still have to manually create my beats if i want to use hydrogen as a practice drum machine.

if a midi import function is at work, let me know, i'll be happy to contribute (modestly, at least testing ;-))

in the meantime as suggested in another post, i'll check the forum for community pattern gifts...

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It would be great to have a midi import method!