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Drumkit Contest : And the winners are ...

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Hi all,

Today the winners of the drumkit contest can finally be announced, but first of all a _big_ thank you to all the people that participated and to the members of the jury !

8 people entered the contest and submitted 11 drumkits.  Some drumkits are small, others really big, some are very well engineered and others are ... euh ... 'special'  ;-)

Ok, enough blah-blah already !  WHO WON ??


  • First place (with a total score of 22/30) : the 'AC guitar strum' kit by Gabriel Verdugo

The H2 drumbody is on it's way to you !

The jury was really impressed with the high quality of this drumkit (total of 9.3/10 for technical skill !).  Is this a true drum-kit? probably not, but then again we did ask you to 'use your imagination' and that's just what Gabriel did !  It's also nice to see how he pushes Hydrogen to it's limits :-)

Are you wondering what Gabriel uses this drumkit for ? Check out his work, it's quite impressive! 


  • Second place (with a total score of 21,67/30) : 'rumpf kit' by Emanuel Rumpf

A one-of-a-kind H2 T-shirt is on it's way to you !

Jury : 'very nice kit with loads of sounds inside' and 'interesting mix of sounds'


Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the people that submitted a drumkit !

All drumkits that participated in the contest will be made available for download as soon as possible, but for now you can already listen to the demo tracks of all submitted drumkits.

Note that the the jury was instructed to judge the quality of the drumkit, not the demo song.


The winning drumkits :

'AC guitar strum' kit by Gabriel Verdugo

'rumpf kit' by Emanuel Rumpf


The other drumkits (in random order) :

'Lightning1024' by Romanelli Esteban Mariano

'HornyBits' by Andrey Zamaraev (18+). More of Andrey's work can be found here.

'ACGuitar_Fret' by Gabriel Verdugo:

'ACGuitar_MUTE' by Gabriel Verdugo: 

'ACGuitar_PRoll' by Gabriel Verdugo: 

'Eclectiblast' by Gabriel Verdugo: 

'Audiophobs' by Max Riesenbeck (check out more of Max's work on soundcloud)

'Drumkit Excepcional' by Pedro Maurício de Sousa

'Tafekit' by Paul Sheean and Chris Hogan


Comments ? 


PS: as you know the Hydrogen team is always thirsty for beer, especially now that we have spent all of out money on these 2 amazing prizes, so please : buy us a beer !



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the winners showing off !

Gabriel and Emanuel showing off their prizes !



Congratulations guys !

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Cool mix on the Audiophobes.

Cool mix on the Audiophobes.

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kits uploaded

Hi all

Just uploaded the drumkits from the contest :-)  except the non-winning drumkits by Gabriel since they are sooo big they would kill our server !

I'm converting them to flac/ogg based drumkits and i'll upload the converted drumkits asap

Cant wait any longer? no problem: just visit (Gabriel's site) and download the drumkits from there


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well hahah, i actually only have the xylophone online, but i´m uploading the others right now :) Greetings!

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everything is up now :)

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new feed

hello, i have just set up a new feed to get the uncompress drumkits, please visit for further info


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Flac version now available on the H2 server

Hi all,

I just uploaded the FLAC version of the winning drumkit to the H2 server

To install it open Hydrogen, goto Instruments > Import library, click the 'Update list' button on the Internet tab, select the drumkit and hit 'Download and install'

For the conversion of the drumkit i updated my drumkit python script, you can read about it (and download it) on my blog


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Winning kits are now available for download

The 2 winning kits have just been uploaded to the H2 server.

You can install them via Instruments - Import library > on the Internet tab hit the 'Update list' button, scroll down the list, select the kit you want to install and hit the 'Download and install' button

Note that the 'AC guitar strum' kit is a whopping 370MB !  So be patient when you install the drumkit (and make sure you have enough free space on your disk)

Enjoy !

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yay! thank you :D, to celebrate with everyone, soon i will be releasing a new drumkit :), btw my drumkits are at 96khz, so to those that want to use it, remember to set hydrogen to that frecuency to enjoy the full quality of the samples, thank you again to the devs, above all for hydrogen itself :), and T.T my apologies because i´m 23 and still living as an unemployed poor student with my parents, so i´m unable to buy you beer to celebrate, XD i don´t even have a bank account to use paypal XD hahhahah, but, that is actually one of the reasons i realease the drumkits under CC, to say, thank you and share as the devs did