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Millo drums2 demo (Traffic Jam)

A quick demo using hydrogen 0.9.1 and Pure Data: drums and bass made by Hydrogen, frequency modulation noises by Pure Data
Millo drums demo Demo for kit v1
Millo drums and double bass demo Demo for kit v1 featuring a double bass

Electro demo

Exclusive demo from Artemio - contains really hot beats, including electric boogie, synthie pop and techno house *

Funk'n'Hop demo

Another great demo from Artemio - hip hop, funk and disco beats *
GM kit demo 1 Demo song for the GM kit that ships standard with Hydrogen
GM kit demo 2 Another demo for GM kit

* note: some beats from Electric and Funk'n'Hop demos were processed with LADSPA plug-ins using the Sweep wave editor (plug-ins included compessor, hard limiter, wave shaper, glame filters and others from SWH and CMT packs)