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Hydrogen 0.9.6-beta3 released

A new version of hydrogen, "0.9.6-beta3", was just released . The release contains a range of bugfixes and a small set of new features.

- Major fixes for the pattern handling in the soundlibrary
- A memory leak was fixed which appeared when using note-off notes
- A note-off related segmentation fault was fixed
- The temporary directory in OS X gets now set correctly
- The path of instrumens is now set correctly if a song gets saved
(solves the abs. vs. rel. path problem)
- lots of smaller fixes..

New features:
- Show a layers velocity informations in a tooltip
- Added a description field for patterns

In Addition, the translation for the german, italian, french and japanese translation were updated.

The sourcecode of the release can be retrieved from github: ... ta3.tar.gz


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Hi, I just downloaded the sourcecode for 0.9.6-beta3, but I'm not familiar (or comfortable) with manually updating the code... can anyone point me to instructions on how to do this?  I'm not experienced at all with programming, so I'm hoping for instructions that are pretty much dumbass-proof.  I'd appreciate it!

OSX 10.10.3



By the way, I'm loving this app!

how to download?

do you have a link for instructions on downloading the new version for windows 8?

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currently there is no windows

currently there is no windows installer for 0.9.6

Thanks for the translation!

Thanks for the translation!



ajor fixes for the pattern

ajor fixes for the pattern handling in the sound library were very crucial and I needed to know if they were fixed or not. Thank for this fix

Hydrogen 0.9.6-beta3 

Is it possible to install win7?

I do not know how, but kindly let me know.

Is this beta version is

Is this beta version is available for the windows platform. I am using the cubes in windows 7. Does it work along with it. It is very good to see that you have fixed all the major previous bugs listed before. Thank you for sharing.

ui element missing?


I had the note-off problem (freeze and crash on manually added note-offs) in the previous version (0.9.3 I think, whichever comes preinstalled with Ubuntu Studio) so when I saw that it was fixed in the new beta, I couldn't wait to install it.

Well, the problem is gone, sort of: the dropdown menu where I could select "Note off" and right-click into the pattern editor is gone. Right clicking in the pattern editor does nothing. See image:

Has this feature been removed, or did something break during my install?



Hi zwolfpunkt,

congratulations to the change from 0.9.3 to 0.9.6 :) I hope you find it as stable as 0.9.3, if not, please complain!!

"Note-off" Notes can now be generated by pressing shift and then click into the grid at the point where you want that note. I'm afraid we forgot to add that to the new manual.

Thank you! Note-offs finally

Thank you! Note-offs finally work!

Before I read your answer (still thinking the GUI wasn't built correctly), I ran hydrogen from the console to see if it showed any errors. There were no errors about the GUI, however, there was a lot of these messages.:

Error XSDError in file:///usr/local/share/hydrogen/data/drumkits/UltraAcousticKit/drumkit.xml, at line 1, column 14: No definition for element drumkit_info available.
(E) XMLDoc::read XML document /usr/local/share/hydrogen/data/drumkits/UltraAcousticKit/drumkit.xml is not valid (/usr/local/share/hydrogen/data/xsd/drumkit.xsd), loading may fail
(E) Legacy::load_drumkit loading drumkit with legacy code

These error messages are repeated for – I think ­– every drumkit I have installed, even those I downloaded and installed using Hydrogen's import feature. However, the drumkits load just fine. I don't know if 0.9.3 did this because I never ran it from the console. Should I worry about this?

No problem, i'm always glad

No problem, i'm always glad if the time which was spend to fix a bug wasn't wasted.

The messages are no problem, they're just telling you that the drumkit you're using was saved or created with an older version of hydrogen, and some elements which are present in the description of current drumkits couldn't be found. Nothing to worry about!

Stop / Reset

Hi,  just wondering if it is at all possible to have the pattern editor set to "auto rewind" to the beginning of a pattern when Stop is pressed ?    I understand the drummer is set up to Play / Pause with the Spacebar, and I understand that if you actually click the little square stop button on the Transport graphic the pattern will rest to Zero.  Is there a way to reconfigure keystroke commands to have the space bar Start / Stop and reset to Zero ?? 

This looks like a great piece of software with lots of potentilal but one of the things I am most interested in is using it as a basic beat box for live music and I need it to reset to Zero when I stop a pattern.

Please.... if this can be done, please let me know.  Thanks in advance !!

- Dave

Binaries for Windows


where can I find the binaries of the new beta version for windows?


Hi, There are no windows

Hi, There are no windows binaries for this beta version.

Next release with windows binaries?

When does the next release with windows binaries come? I'd like to test the next one for educational use in secondary (and high) school.

Thanks a lot for your work

Kindest regards


Opening Hydrogen

I'm having issues trying to open Hydrogen. I've used winzip as well and nothing seems to work.

Any advice? I'm using mac.

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check out the FAQ

Are you sure that you have

Are you sure that you have downloaded the correct version? Make sure that your file ends on ".dmg"!

Mac version?

Am I wrong or I can't find the Mac version?

I renew my availability for beta testing.

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These guys kick ass! perfect drum machine!


I must be unbelievably stupid and with all due respect this seems to be a great peice of software but... add a play button before you get to version one. I read the whole manual and I still can;t figure out how to ... make it go.

I mean it should be simple I press play and it loops play in bars in pattern mode or it plays a song in song mode but... there is no play button.

The manual seems to assume that I know how to do this and so does the tutorial... I don't.

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no play button?  can you post

no play button?  can you post a screenshot ?

OK I found play

I found the play button so it's my bad... the problem was I didn't think it was the play button because the temp was about four times to fast so it was speeding thru the bar and I thought it was some kind of fast forward.

I downloaded Renoise if I playu a song on renoise it fixes the tempo on Hydrogen... No idea why that is.

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Thannks, I will install it !

Thannks, I will install it !


On start up, will this fix "Error strating audio driver." Was working fine then started getting this error

Hi! Which version of hydrogen

Hi! Which version of hydrogen are you using? And on which operating system? Mostly, this error just means that another program is blocking your sound card or that the wrong driver is selected.

I'm using H2 0.9.6 on windows

I'm using H2 0.9.6 on windows vista. I'm using a Boss BR800 as control interface, I wonder if that's what the problem is?