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Hydrogen is an advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux. Its main goal is to bring professional yet simple and intuitive pattern-based drum programming.

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More drumkits


some more MC-307 drumkits. also i have renamed the first two drumkits from my previous post. (new) (new)

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new drumkits


i have create two new drumkits.

each kit contain all 64 instruments in the same order as they arranged in the roland mc-307 groovebox.
each instrument is recorded in 6 layers.

Hydrogen 0.9.6-beta1 released

We're happy to announce the release of Hydrogen 0.9.6-beta1, the first
development release of hydrogen 0.9.6. The new version includes some
major improvements:

- Jack midi support
- Jack session support
- Undo
- tab-based interface (optimized for netbooks)

Apart from these features, we're using now CMake for our build process.
You can start the build process by running "./ m" from your
hydrogen source directory. The tarball is available on sourceforge
as usual, we expect that the new version will hit the KXStudio
repository in the next days.

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0.9.6 feature freeze

Today is feature freeze for the upcoming 0.9.6 !

This means that now new functionality will be added for this release.


The most important new features for the 0.9.6 are:

- Jack session support

- Jack midi out

- Undo history

- Tabbed interface (aimed at netbooks)


On top of these major new features here are also some minor changes and updates (updated manual, small gui updates, improved stability)


So far some 20 tickets have been closed and currently there are another 20+ open tickets that need fixing.

So now it's bugfix time !  (you want to help out?  let us know on the development mailing list!)


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Hydrogen Poll has been closed. The results are available ... so what do we do next ?


First of all : your top 3 :


1) better quality drumkits

2) general bugfixing : better jack transport / improved stability

3) OSX port


Thank you all for your feedback, it is much appreciated !

We will try to use it as a guide for future Hydrogen development as much as possible.


As a direct result of the poll results we would like to propose the following actions :


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hydrogen0.9.6svn Snapshot ubuntu 11.04 i386 package available


there is an 32bit hydrogen 0.9.6 svn Snapshot package for ubuntu 11.04 available.

the package contains a svn build in rev. 2338. this is no official beta version and of course no release build. its only a small gift for all, who won’t build hydrogen from source.

greetings wolke

edit 10/14/2011:

i remove this ubuntu package from download page, because kxstudio have svn snapshots. sorry because this noise:). try this instead.

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New debian unstable 0.9.6 svn Snapshot available


now there are two debian unstable hydrogen0.9.6svn snapshots available. I have build an 32bit and an 64bit package. Next time some ubuntu packages will follow.

The package contains a snapshot-build from svn trunk rev. 2338. Here you can download them.

I hope the package dependencies will correctly solved on other debian unstable systems beside my own pc. Its, because this was my first package build using cpack instead debhelpers based package generators.






What is your favourite feature for the next version of hydrogen?

More included patterns / songs
7% (5 votes)
Better support for Mac OS X
15% (10 votes)
Better support for Microsoft Windows
9% (6 votes)
Improved stability
18% (12 votes)
Higher quality drumkits
28% (19 votes)
Improved jack transport
18% (12 votes)
Disk streaming
6% (4 votes)
Total votes: 68
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PPA for Hydrogen !

Great news for Ubuntu users : the KXStudio team has created a dedicated Hydrogen PPA !

This PPA contains the 0.9.5 release for all recent Ubuntu versions AND a svn snapshot for those of you that want to check out the latest (unstable !!) 0.9.6 version of Hydrogen.

Kudos to Filipe of the KXStudio team !

More info on the download page !


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A new development version 0.9.6 is out now

Firstly, many thanks to all involved people especially Jeremy.  

New main features:

  • Undo/redo in Song-editor and Pattern-editor
  • cmake instead scons as build-system
  • Jack session support

Beside this few new features Jeremy cleaned up a lot of code and refactored many classes. He create a great new code base for future development.

How to get it?

Hydrogen 0.9.6 is only available via subversion.

svn checkout

For all new dependences, OBLIGATORY read INSTALL.txt.

If you will use the h2-rubberband functions in a productive way or backward compatible to 0.9.5, read in section four paragraph OPTIONAL SUPPORT.

How to build it?

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